« La gloire perdue des Rimains » – série récit

Voici donc un manoir, et tant de gloire
tant d’histoire
Et pourtant fermé
ouvrons le dans nos mémoires

So, there is actualy the great manor
glory one story one
But closed now
shall we open out in our memories
As a symbol

Image de couverture : « La gloire perdue des Rimains » représentation de l’image FNT : https://opensea.io/accounts/Arthur_Jambon

Maison hantée, oui, aucun doute
Hantée d’histoire

j’ai avancé sur un joli chemin
qui me l’a présenté
et des histoires sont venu à moi

Haunted house yes
Fierth vibrating moments of history

First of all i saw a path
that carried me
and came lot of stories

Echoes to the ancient world, this piece is a witness of the past glories came up to the engraved human intelligence in the blockchain. It’s about how photography comes up with the future. This the origin of Arthur Jambon’s NFT commit.

This piece has been choosen to be the NFT Origin because it resonnates well with the NFT phenomenon. It relates the forgotten story of a rich navigator family between Saint-Malo and Sant-Michel Mont at the end of the XIXe century.

It’s about things fading, past glories, new ways, new waves, reinventing themself and being able to go further or fading and lasting in lost memories ; beautifully. Engraving the past into the future is the aim of photography… So… that blockchain be the witness of the Rimain’s glory…

Arthur Jambon, photographer, as a wanderer, is exploring the verses and metaverses since 1991 and surely before.

This NFT is:

  • The NFT origin of Arthur Jambon.
  • The only version of this art piece of Arthur Jambon that will ever be tokenised as a NFT.
  • The certificate that you own the NFT and get you acces to the IPFS stocked file, proof of authenticity.
  • The red line at the right-bottom is a digital signature written 1001 times at END-1001 of the file.

To be continued…